Healthy Harvest Buying Club (CSA)

For those who are truly commited to healthy, local, clean, REAL food, our Healthy Harvest Club is for you.  You become a member of the family, so to speak, in having first claim on the bounty of our large garden, and our amazing grass finished beef.  We occasionally have eggs and pork as well.  The Healthy Harvest Club gets first dibbs.

CSA is an acronym for Community Supported Agriculture.  A CSA member becomes a partner in the success (and occasional failure) of our farm and garden efforts.  As a member, you will receive the earliest and best of our garden and farm harvests.  This is made available to you weekly from approximately July 1 through Ocober 31.  Frozen meats are available  year around.  Your pre-payment and membership entitle you to the “privileges” of ownership.  The annual sign up period is the month of May.  Call or come in for details.