Garden Center

EASTERN IDAHO’S MOST UNIQUE GARDEN CENTER!  We actually grow most of the plants we sell as opposed to most who just ship in plants from everywhere else.  Thus, our plants are selected, grown, and prepared for your garden right here in Eastern Idaho.  Garden-Center-FrontWith over a quarter century of growing experience, we have found the varieties of plants that will thrive in the altitude, soils, and seasons of our area.  We are constantly testing new varieties as well as re-visiting the heirloom selections.

BRADY’S PLANT RANCH IS THE LARGEST GREENHOUSE GROWER IN SOUTHEAST IDAHO!  This provides you, our customer, with the largest selection of high quality, acclimatized plants available.

We use a lot of organic and ecologically friendly practices in our growing and also stock the best organic growing supplies we can find.  We can provide you with the same fertilizers and soil amendments that we use.  Soil health is key to plant health.  A truly healthy plant will have little or no problem with insects or disease. In the case of edible plants, a healthy plant is the most healthy for us as well.

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